Finished: Nora’s Christmas Stocking

Obviously I have been in baby bootcamp for the last two-and-a-half weeks so I haven’t been crafting much. My mom did get me started on knitting a bear, which I hope to finish this weekend, but for now I thought I would share Nora’s finished Christmas stocking. As I have said in earlier posts, my husband put a lot of pressure on me to make a timeless and tasteful Christmas stocking for our little girl. I wanted to put my own spin on the stocking, so I chose some fun pop-arty fabric for the project.

Nora’s Christmas Stocking

Here is Nora’s finished stocking. I had a blast embellishing it: quilting the front, sewing sequins on the tops of select trees, adding a pom-pom edging, and embroidering her name. I think it has pizzazz without being too gaudy. I hope Nora loves it for years to come.

To make the stocking, I used a template from a Christmas projects magazine I bought a few years ago. The main body of the stocking has extra weight since I quilted the front, though I wish I had added interfacing to the top section of the stocking where Nora’s name is embroidered. I will remember this for baby 2’s stocking in a few years. I added a big loop at the top of the stocking because I thought it might be fun in future years to hang the stocking from Nora’s bedroom door if we continue to live in a house without a fireplace.

I love the holidays and can’t believe I get to share my future special occasions with a sweet little girl. I am so lucky!


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