Finished: One-Yard Wonders’ Cottage Apron

Happy due date to me! The date Steve and I have been referencing for a good eight or so months is now here and, surprise, surprise, there is no baby! Never fear, however. I know the little girl will arrive soon enough on the scene and in the meantime I am going to work on some sewing projects to keep my mind off of my huge belly!

Metro Market Beaters Apron

I have been meaning to stitch up an apron using this super-cute fabric (Metro Market Beaters by Monaluna) that a friend of mine gave me in April. I decided to try the Cottage Apron pattern in One-Yard Wonders, as I had exactly a yard of fabric to use. I chose black ribbon and bias tape for the project to give the apron a mod/vintage look. Much to my delight, I had the bias tape and lace trim on hand, so it was nice to use up some of my stash!

One-Yard Wonders' Cottage Apron

I wish I could model the cute apron for you, but my belly is getting in the way of the finished product looking anything like an apron! For now it will stay on a hanger, waiting for me to be a normal size again (hopefully that will be soon).

Why I wanted to do this project: I wanted to use some cute kitchen-themed fabric and have been needing a new apron. Also, I flagged the Cottage Apron early on when I bought One-Yard Wonders last year.

How long it took me: From start to finish, about three hours.

Bumps in the process: Sewing the darts and gathering the sides of the apron were a bit tricky in terms of making the apron symmetrical. I took my time sewing the bias tape to make sure the raw edges of the apron were covered and had to go back a few times to make sure sharper edges looked okay. I wasn’t 100 percent satisfied with how the gathering looked, so I sewed a long piece of ribbon on the front of the apron to make the ties giving the apron a belt, slightly modifying the pattern. In addition, rather than creating ties at the shoulder that button to the apron, I decided to create a more traditional tie.

What I learned: There’s a lot you can do with one yard of fabric. Love this project and look forward to trying a few more in this great book soon!


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