Finished: Baby Book and Baby’s First Hat

Today I am posting about the last projects I will complete for Baby S. before she arrives (hopefully within the next two weeks!). Both projects are pink and delicious. Sorry to those who cringe at pink on little girls: I am totally sucked into the ruffles, bows, and all hues of pink for this little one. In fact, as her arrival approaches I am ever more into pink: I decided last week that Baby S. needed a super girly hat to wear at the hospital.

Baby Book and Baby Hat

Baby Book

When my mom visited in July we picked out some supplies for a handmade baby book. Growing up, my brothers and I had handcrafted baby books, and I wanted to make one for my little girl since I fondly remember paging through mine as a kid. I am not much of a scrapbooker or papercrafter, but I wanted to create a unique, homespun book for this little girl and thought that working on it in the next year would be a fun diversion. So I loaded up on stickers, rub-ons, and bright paper so I can pull the project out whenever I have a little creative burst in the next year.

An Interior Page of the Baby Book

I created pages for the baby book in Microsoft Word and printed out the pages to load into the book. Thanks to Young House Love and a few other websites, I was able to create pages that will cover the most important milestones of baby’s first year. I am writing these milestones in the book rather than typing them, as I think there’s something truly special about  handwritten memories. While Times New Roman or Arial looks very clean and uniform, I want my baby girl to have some keepsakes that can’t be reproduced later on: handwriting is special!

So far, I have completed a few pages of the book that document baby’s life in utero, which includes a page about when we found out we were expecting, her ultrasound pictures, my growing belly, and our baby party.

I made a quilted fabric cover for the book, using fabric from Sandi Henderson, one of my favorite fabric designers. I absolutely love the combination of pinks in this fabric. I also added a butterfly and monogram embellishment in the right-hand corner of the cover, but since we’re not disclosing Baby S.’s name until her arrival, I decided my newly finished hat would disguise this detail for the posted picture.

Baby Hat

I hope to get this hat on Baby S. when she’s hanging out with us in the hospital. I used a mid-weight cotton yarn that’s been in my yarn stash for awhile and whipped the hat up in an evening using just a half double crochet stitch and a size J hook.

I used instructions found on Little Birdie Secrets and customized the center button using a DIY-button and fabric that coordinates with baby’s nursery. I can’t wait to post a pic of baby girl wearing this very pink hat soon!


5 thoughts on “Finished: Baby Book and Baby’s First Hat”

  1. I love what you have done…And the hat is just adorable. Everyone will know Baby S is a girl for sure!! You continue to be amazing 🙂

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