Finished: Another Set of Potholders

Vintage-Inspired Potholders for Generous Friends

Last Christmas, I made approximately ten sets of potholders using the One-Yard Wonders pattern. Yesterday I whipped up another set to use as a thank-you gift for friends who have been extremely generous to us in passing along baby gear.

This was a very satisfying project to work on since I am so familiar with the pattern and because I could finish it in about two hours. The most time-consuming part of making the potholders is marking the quilting lines and then quilting the pieces, but even that did not take too long. I found this cute vintage-inspired fabric in my stash but only had a small bit of the light yellow fabric left so I decided to make the square potholder a patchwork pattern.

I wish I had the motivation to make several more sets of these to keep on hand for thank-you and housewarming gifts, as the project takes little time to complete and the finished product is very nice. If I stumble upon some irresistible kitchen fabric, however, I know what I can make with it!


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