My Pregnancy Survival Guide

With two and a half weeks (I hope!) to go before Baby S. arrives, I thought I would take some time to reflect on my pregnancy and what I have done to survive the last nine months. I can’t believe I’ve been pregnant since Christmastime, especially now that people are already talking 2010 Christmas.

For the most part, I have been very lucky to have an uneventful pregnancy. I have been healthy and happy, though the eight-month mark left me a bit deflated (it could also be the really hot summer we’ve had in Philadelphia).

Now that I am nearing the finish line, here is a list of some of the things that have helped me get through the last few months:

1. A wonderful husband. Steve has been such a trooper throughout this pregnancy. He has stepped up in doing the chores, complimenting my always-changing body, preparing the nursery, and giving me massages on demand. He’s the best.

2. Prenatal yoga. Before my pregnancy, I had tried yoga but it had never really been fun or relaxing. However, during my pregnancy I have been going to a yoga class every Thursday night and the practice has been amazing for my mental and physical state. The entire experience relaxes me and helps me connect to the pregnancy. As an added bonus, I have met some wonderful ladies who are also expecting.

3. Iced tea. I didn’t drink caffeine for the first six months of pregnancy, but I have loved drinking an icy-cold glass of black tea every morning since June. It is the perfect way to start a hot summery day. We’ve been brewing tea in quart-sized Ball glass jars every weekend and a jar or two of tea lasts me the whole week. I have also been chugging Red Zinger and other herbal teas.

4. Sewing. Of course I had to include this! Prepping baby’s nursery and working on projects like a diaper bag have been a great distraction. I had so much fun making different elements of the nursery and I can’t wait to rock my diaper bag in only a few short weeks.

5. Great friends. It happens that several of my closest friends in the area were also knocked-up this year. It has been great to have supportive women in my life who are going through this same weird/amazing experience. I also have great nonpregnant friends who have been essential in keeping me laughing.

6. TV shows. Okay, this is kind of a lame addition to the list, but if it wasn’t for Mad Men, Project Runway, Entourage, and Pardon the Interruption I would not have made it through this summer. I was a little sad there weren’t more fun movies to go to, but we did make it to Iron Man 2, Toy Story 3, The Kids Are All Right, and The Other Guys, so we did enjoy a few outings to the theater.

So that’s an abbreviated list of what’s kept me going lately. I am starting to daydream about my life after pregnancy and can already tell you that I am looking forward to exercising, drinking coffee and beer, sleeping on my back, blending in with the crowd (it does get annoying to be the pregnant lady in all group settings), traveling, and raising my baby girl.


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