Biding Time

Well, I am sure it’s not shocking that I feel like I am biding time at the moment. I am between a few weeks and a month away from meeting my daughter who will change the course of my life forever. Needless to say, Steve and I are trying to find ways to keep us distracted from this impending major life change.

Currently, I have several potential craft projects to work on, though an aching lower back is preventing me from getting too much done. I did spend a lot of my time today working on a baby book, which I hope to post about in greater detail soon.

Aside from crafting, I picked up a few summer reads at the bookstore Sunday. Steve and I are reading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (we need to stay current!) and I’ll page through a Janet Evanovich book soon. While I did start Middlemarch this summer, all of the baby reading kept me away from it the majority of the time and now I need some easier reading. However, I can probably read it on my iPhone, which may be handy when I am feeding baby a gazillion times a day.

Late pregnancy is slowing me down quite a bit, though I do hope to tackle some major cleaning projects this weekend, and I hope to complete the “pre-baby” portion of the baby book. We’ve had beautiful weather this week (well, it’s been overcast but seventy degrees is heavenly!) and I am enjoying sleeping with the windows open. Hopefully it’ll stay this way!


1 thought on “Biding Time”

  1. your doing a great job of staying positive and enjoying life in these last few weeks. Even with cabbage patch tootsies…

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