One Month!

So, it may not have a great track record of accuracy, but I am excited to hit a major pregnancy milestone today. I am one month from my estimated date of delivery! It’s hard to believe September 18 is a month away, given that I have been thinking of the date since we were being hit with twenty-inch snowstorms in January.

I have to admit, coming to the end of this journey is exciting. I get to meet my little one so soon and I get to be a normal-sized person again! I am already looking forward to resuming a normal diet and partaking in some serious exercise, and, of course, I can’t wait to be a mama. It’s hard to not wish Baby S. would arrive a little bit early when I look at all of her cute clothes in the dresser. But I hope she’ll come right around when she is supposed to and not a day later!

Napoleon Guarding Baby's Toy Chest

In the next month, my plan is to keep up a pretty normal routine, though my weekends involve much more resting than I am used to. I am going to try to get to my prenatal yoga class weekly until Baby S.’s arrival and plan to work until she’s born. One of the biggest challenges in the next month is teaching the cats that baby’s room is not theirs. Napoleon has been spending a lot of time in the room and I think he’s convinced that it is his.


3 thoughts on “One Month!”

  1. Enjoy this time. Life will never be the same…but in a good way!
    P.S. It’s OK if Baby S comes a day early 🙂

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