Touches of Girliness

Baby S.'s Girly Corner

There is a corner of the nursery that has started to look pretty girly. After using a lot of yellow, orange, and green in various places in the room, I couldn’t help but dress up one of the corners with butterflies, pink picture frames, a pink lampshade, and feminine stuffed animals. So far, this is the cheapest part of the nursery!

Steve's Dresser
  • We are using Steve’s childhood dresser in the nursery. I may line the drawers if I get around to it.

    Spruced-up Frames
  • I already had the frames and painted them Ballet Slipper Pink from a sample can of Martha Stewart’s Home Depot paint. I will wait to fill them until we meet Miss Baby S.
DIY Butterflies
  • I created the butterflies from craft paper, clear beading cord, beads, and Elmer’s glue.

    Old Friends
  • We dug out the stuffed animals from a box that has been stashed away since college.

    Fun Pink Lampshade
  • We dressed up an old lamp with a new $5 lampshade from Ikea.

    Pink + Cats + Storage = Awesomeness
  • We found this cute cat storage bin at The Container Store last weekend. It cost only $6.

    Fun Circle Mirrors
  • We repurposed the circle mirrors and white floating frames from other areas of the house.

When we first put everything in the corner I thought it might be a little much, but as the week has gone on I really like this part of the room. I know it will fill up with other things as we get closer to baby’s arrival, but for now I like peeking in the room and to this girly oasis.


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