Snoozing in the Nursery

We were determined over the holiday weekend to work on the nursery (we hadn’t really touched it since Memorial Day weekend). Though Miss Baby S. isn’t arriving until mid September, I want to finish the nursery soon so I can focus on other baby-related items in the coming months.

Napoleon Loves the New Crib

Prior to this weekend, we still did not have a crib. I had scouted some of the options online and read about the best cribs in Baby Bargains (the book we’ve been relying on the most for recommendations on safe and reasonably priced baby items). I had settled on buying a crib from Ikea, since Baby Bargains gave the retailer an “A” and because I found the Leksvik crib matched our hand-me-down dresser perfectly. So, on Friday, we went to Ikea prepared to purchase the crib. However, much to our dismay, there were no cribs in stock! We were disappointed but felt okay about the turn of events given that we have plenty of time to buy our crib.

After further reflection, we did think it was peculiar that Ikea did not have the crib in stock, given that our favorite furniture retailer always has plenty of inventory (and, being spoiled with two of the wonderful stores in our city, it seemed odd that both stores were out of the item). Well, after a bit of Internet surfing, it looks like the crib has been pulled from Ikea’s shelves because of a design/materials problem. Since we didn’t want to wait for Ikea to restock the crib, we ventured to Buy Buy Baby and Babies R Us.

I am delighted we shopped around, because I fell in love with the crib we found at Babies R Us. We selected the Babi Italia Pinehurst Classic Crib in tea stain. The crib is simple, classic, and appears to be sturdy enough to last through a few kids. I was a little bit concerned with purchasing  a crib at one of these baby superstores because I did not want a sleigh crib, as I like minimal design, and many of the trendy cribs are ornate and large in size, not ideal for our 9 foot by 9 foot room. However, the crib we selected met all of my standards, and I think it looks great in the nursery.

Now I just need to find a mattress and figure out what to do with baby bedding . . .


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