Finished: Rocking Chair Cover

DIY Rocking Chair Cover

For the last few years, our guest room had a rocking chair in it given to me by my grandmother. She specifically bequeathed it to me (in fact there’s a note under the chair that says “For Natalie”) and it became mine after my grandparents moved out of their house and my mom shipped it back East to me.

Though we haven’t used the rocker much, I knew it would be a part of a nursery some day. While I understand that new moms (and dads) covet gliders, I have to say that having a sentimental item like a rocking chair in the nursery is special. (We also have Steve’s childhood dresser in the room, which I’ll post about later.)

The rocking chair is a bit stiff and uncomfortable, so to get it ready for Miss Baby S. I decided to make a rocking chair cover. I priced a few out on the web (very few sites carry rocking chair covers, by the way) and noticed they were running in the $70-80 range. With this price in mind, I decided it was worth my time and effort to make my own.

Love the Alexander Henry Fabric!

For this project, I bought foam from Joann Fabrics and cut it to fit my rocking chair. I purchased cute Alexander Henry fabric at my local fabric store that coordinates with the floor pillows I made a few weeks back. The other supplies needed for this project were buttons that could be covered with fabric and bias tape. I realized early on in the project that using bias tape for the ties was the easiest route. I had a major stash of white bias tape and it saved me quite a bit of time when making twenty, seventeen-inch ties. Sewing the ties ended up being the most time-consuming part of the sewing project. Once I had cut and sewn twenty ties, attaching them to the fabric and sewing the fabric closed was cake!

Why I wanted to do this project: I needed to turn a hand-me-down from Grandma into a comfortable piece of furniture for our nursery.

How long it took me: About three or four hours. The most time-consuming parts of the project were sewing the many ties for the cushions and hand-sewing the cushions closed and the buttons.

Bumps in the process: Since I made up the pattern as I went along, I had a few starts and stops along the way to double check my measurements.

What I learned: This is a cost-effective and relatively easy project. I know many moms-to-be must have heirloom rockers for their nurseries, and I highly encourage them to make their own rocking chair cover. In many ways, it’s as simple as sewing pillows.


5 thoughts on “Finished: Rocking Chair Cover”

  1. Hi! Looks awesome! I love the animal print you picked. It reminds me a bit of the first fabric that was in the nursery i was born in! Kind of a retro look from the 70s, no? I was going to casually suggest that you might want to put some sort of padding on the arms too. It goes a LOOOONG way to have that there, for you, anyone giving a bottle, or the baby’s head too. (I told Liss and Gabe the same thing). Again, as always, I am in complete awe of your nesting. And congrats on the final 3 months!!!! love and hugs, lisa

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