Finished: Curtains for Baby’s Room

When I started planning DIY projects I wanted to make for Baby S., I was hesitant to make curtains. Mainly, the curtains made me uneasy because of the large amount of fabric they required (making me wonder if it is really cheaper to make them vs. buy them) and the darn hemming issues (I am not the best at making things perfectly straight and lined up).

However, after choosing a bright and cheery color scheme for the nursery, I found it was difficult to find cute ready-to-buy curtains for the room. Most made for baby are pastel pinks, blues, greens, and yellow, and I didn’t want to go with those choices. So, given my love of the Summer Song fabric collection, I bought four yards of fabric and decided to stitch my own.

I am very glad I went the DIY route for this element in the nursery. The curtains make the room so colorful. I added orange panels at the bottom of the curtains for extra color in the room and to help with the hemming issue (more fabric to play with). Plus, if we ever move from our current house, I have plenty of options to modify the curtains for other rooms. I figure I can get at least five years of use out of these curtains for Baby S., since they are not too baby-specific.

To find out how these came together, read more.

Why I wanted to do this project: The curtains available for nursery and kids’ rooms weren’t coordinating with my bright color scheme of yellow, orange, magenta/pink, and green.

How long it took me: About two or three hours.

Bumps in the process: For the most part, this project went smoothly except at the end when I had to hem the curtains. I was silly and did not measure the pieces as carefully as I should have, so it took me an hour to line up the hems to match.

What I learned: For my nursery, the custom curtains were worth the effort. Given that they were panels, the sewing process was relatively easy.


2 thoughts on “Finished: Curtains for Baby’s Room”

  1. The curtains are adorable! I love the border – really gives them a different look and SO professional!

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