Finished: Charm Squares Baby Quilt

My Finished Charm Squares Baby Quilt

As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I knew that one project I wanted to complete for my little one was a baby quilt. As a child, I adored the baby quilt made by my grandmother. Though I have realistic expectations that not everything in my child’s life will be handmade, I wanted to make a fun and colorful quilt for snuggling and playtime in the years to come.

Charm Squares for Baby's Quilt

I tend to prefer sewing over quilting, but am willing to undertake a quilting project now and again. I love the projects on Oh Fransson! and read Elizabeth’s blog weekly, if not daily. To my delight, she highlighted the Charm Squares Baby Quilt several times on her blog in February and March, which inspired me to try the modern quilt pattern for my little one.

Charm Squares Lined Up and Ready for Sewing

One aspect of the quilt project that I enjoyed was its helpfulness in directing my color choices for the nursery. Before I started the project I did not have any idea as to what color scheme I hoped to use in Miss Baby S.’s room. However, after visiting my local fabric store with the quilt pattern in hand, I was able to select several bright and cheerful fabrics that will help direct the other nursery decor. Many of the fabrics in the quilt are from the Summer Song collection by My Mind’s Eye. The backing fabric is from another one of my favorite collections, Meadowsweet by Sandi Henderson.

The Finished Quilt Sandwich

I am very pleased with the finished quilt and even more excited now that it is washed and hanging on the rocking chair in our newly painted nursery. Click to read more about how this project came together and what I learned.

The Backing Fabric

Why I wanted to do this project: With Baby S.’s arrival in September, I wanted to contribute a few handmade items to her nursery.

How long it took me: Between cutting 5 x 5 squares of fabric (I did not use precut charm squares), arranging the squares, piecing them, quilting, and binding, I would say the project took six to eight hours. I quilted in straight lines one inch apart from one another.

Bumps in the process: The biggest stumbling point for me with this quilt involved the backing fabric. I absolutely adore the butterflies in the Meadowsweet collection, but the fabric is extremely directional, with no room wiggle room for the fabric being slightly askew. Therefore, I had to adjust the backing fabric a few times before it looked straight when I quilted it and, even then, it’s about an eighth of an inch off. Thank goodness I realized that the baby will not notice such things!

What I learned: Baby quilts are fun to make, not only because of their bright and cheerful fabrics, but because they are so small! In previous quilting experiences, I decided to make larger quilts that took a huge amount of time. This cute, modern quilt could be made in a weekend and should be something the baby uses for years.


5 thoughts on “Finished: Charm Squares Baby Quilt”

  1. You’re amazing! The quilt is adorable. I love the pattern and the colors you picked, but I’m a little concerned about the eighth of an inch off. Thank heavens Baby S won’t notice!!

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