Counting Down to the Weekend

Pregnancy and regular blogging don’t seem to be going hand-in-hand for me. I have probably been more busy thinking of DIY projects than before I got pregnant, butI haven’t actually had the focus, time, or energy to complete my visions (a prior pet peeve).

This weekend Steve and I are taking a “staycation” here in Philadelphia, which will finally give me time to tackle some of my DIY projects. Our staycation is sort of lame, but I am very excited about it. Rather than fill our time up with fun things to do around the city, we’re staycationing at home with each other. I can’t remember the last time we had a weekend with just ourselves and I realize these opportunities are coming to a close soon.

Therefore, the staycation is full of nesting related to-dos. Steve is painting the nursery Friday and I hope to finish the binding on Baby S.’s baby quilt prior to that. We’re also registering for baby and might buy our crib. We are also hoping to go out to dinner a few times and catch a movie. Only four more days!


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