Finished: T-shirt Quilt

Joe's T-shirt Quilt

For my brother-in-law’s eighteenth birthday, I decided to make him a t-shirt quilt showcasing some of his most beloved childhood shirts. This is the fourth time I have completed this project. This quilt is great for graduations as it captures so many memories and repurposes outgrown and worn-out t-shirts that have been tucked away.

Some of Joe's Cute Childhood Ts

For Joe’s quilt, I used nine of his favorite t-shirts. Some of them had a few holes, so I backed them with interfacing. I cut each t-shirt out in a 12 x 12 inch square. You can use as many t-shirts as you want but this one made a nice-sized throw. I backed it with cozy polar fleece.

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Why I wanted to do this project: I wanted to do something nice for my hubby’s baby brother. Given that he turned eighteen in April and graduates from high school in June, I thought the quilt would be a nice way to mark these rites of passage.

How long it took me: These big projects take me awhile because I work on them for a day and then take a month or so break before forging ahead in the process. I started cutting the t-shirts out in January and didn’t finish the quilt until last week. All in all, the whole quilt probably takes about 10 hours. Keep in mind, I tied the quilt and did not bind it.

Bumps in the process: Old t-shirts get stretched out and can be difficult to work with. I recommend using a cotton quilting-weight fabric for sashing to avoid too much aggravation with the jersey knit. Also, because I backed the quilt with polar fleece, I used embroidery floss to tie the quilt, as yarn was too thick to pull through all of the layers of the quilt.

What I learned: T-shirt quilts are a satisfying project and a fun gift, but not worth agonizing over! The materials used in the quilt are already worn out and beloved, so I don’t think it’s worth it to sweat over irregularities in the quilt. I hope it will be used and washed frequently, so it doesn’t have to be perfect.


2 thoughts on “Finished: T-shirt Quilt”

  1. 10 hours! Are you kidding me?! It takes me that long just to make decisions for the quilt. My quilt is currently working on 5 years…even tho i KNOW i’ll finish it before Super Fetus becomes Super Baby, it’ll still take 30 plus hours, i’m sure of it!

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