DIY Baby Projects I Hope to Try

While I haven’t done much in the way of acting to get ready for baby, I have certainly been scouring the Internet hoping to find some inspiration for our baby’s nursery. I have stumbled across some great websites and blogs that I didn’t know existed before the pregnancy that apparently every parent in the blogosphere must know about already. Anyway, these blogs, particularly Oh Dee Doh, have provided me with hours of fun DIY research when I haven’t been feeling my best.

So, here are a few ideas I have for Baby S.

Cute fabric wall decals via Sewing for Scarlett (still not sure on the nursery theme, but I would love to incorporate these):

Sewing for Scarlett's Cute Wall Decals

A hanging book display (via Oh Dee Doh)

Fabric Book Slings

A diaper bag (okay, this is for me) from A Mingled Yarn:

Messenger Diaper Bag

And finally, lined drawers from Young House Love:

Lined Drawers from Young House Love

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