In Progress: Making Room for Baby

Our Empty Closet, Waiting To Be Filled!

Well, we’ve been busy lately. I don’t think that the nesting period is quite here yet, but we’re in supercharge mode to clear space for Baby S. We don’t plan to configure the nursery until June/July, but I wanted to make sure we tackled our clutter long before so our “getting ready for baby” phase could be fun.

We’re storage challenged at our house, with no basement or garage (the pitfalls of the first house!). Therefore, we have to utilize our closets to their maximum capacity. Since we need to move two bedrooms of stuff into one bedroom for Baby S., we decided to tackle the ClosetMaid section of Home Depot. The goal of our project was to figure out how to store the following in the closet of our office/craft room/guest room:

  • Sewing, quilting, knitting, and other craft supplies
  • Wrapping paper and greeting cards
  • Board games
  • Off-season clothes
  • A card table and four chairs
  • Luggage
  • Paperwork
  • DIY Books

As of last week, these items were living in two closets, an overstuffed bookcase, and two Rubbermaid storage drawer sets.

Steve took the lead on this project and configured a closet system on the Home Depot website. We decided to keep our reach-in closet open on one side and install shelving on the other side. I took him an entire day to hang the track and shelves in the closet, and the results speak volumes! We’re still sorting out all of our stuff so I’ll have to post my “after” pictures after this weekend, but I thought the “before” and “during” pictures deserved some attention.

The Closet in More Cluttered Days...Yikes!
After the Closet Clean-Up Last Summer
The Overstuffed Bookcase
All of Our Stuff Moved into the Soon-to-Be Nursery, Waiting To Be Organized

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