Finished: Baby Bibs

A Simple & Useful Gift: Baby Bibs

We know five couples welcoming babies into the world in the next few months. I wanted to make something for all of these new additions. My hope was to make something that could be used and would be relatively easy to make (given the baby boom, I knew I needed to turn out a lot of them and quickly!).

I decided to make bibs for all of our babies on the way. I used the pattern from One-Yard Wonders (a great book), selected my favorite fabric, and started sewing away! As specified in the pattern, I used flannel fabric on the reverse side of the bibs. All in all, each bib took about a half hour to make (including cutting, sewing, ironing, and hand-sewing the snap). I enjoyed picking out cute child-themed fat quarters, which are a perfect size for this project.

I am very happy with how this project turned out and think a few of these paired with some cute onesies will be a useful gift. I am also going to make some for my little one on the way!


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