Finished: Bulletin Board Makeover

My craft room/office has been looking extremely cluttered as of late.There are too many projects, remnants of old projects, books, electronics, and papers to make the room look neat and tidy. To combat the mess, I am beginning to work on the room to make it more hospitable for crafting.

What a Messy Bulletin Board!

My first project for the craft room was to make over my bulletin board, which had taken on a messy life of its own. My coworker, who has recently been hit by the craft bug, told me about a project she recently completed as a gift for her roommate. She recovered a basic bulletin board to create a Amy-Butler-upholstered jewelry organizer. I was eager to try her project, so I revamped my drab office board.

My Embellished Bulletin Board: A Needed Improvement

To complete this project, cut out a piece of fabric the size of the cork on the board (I used the Wonderland by Momo for Moda fabric). Then, use a spray adhesive to stick the fabric on the board. When it is dry, use a staple gun to secure the edges of the fabric to the board. Then, glue ribbon to the board’s edges, covering the ragged look left by the fabric and staples. Because of my ribbon’s dotted edges, I affixed ornaments at the edges of the board to hide awkward corners.

Now that I am finished with this project, I think the colors and style of this board will serve as inspiration as I fix up the rest of this room!


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