The Cats’ New Toy

On Friday, we celebrated Steve’s twenty-eighth birthday. It was a low-key affair because on Saturday we hiked up to New York City to enjoy a showing of “Avenue Q” as well as getting together with family and friends.

Last night, while we were eating at Mario Batali’s amazing restaurant Otto, Steve received a birthday present from his brother, Ricky, and Ricky’s girlfriend, Emily. Knowing Steve’s obsession with our spunky orange cats, they gave him the best cat toy ever: the Frolicat Bolt, a laser toy.

Abe's First Introduction to the New Toy

This toy runs for fifteen minutes at a time and points a laser in different directions throughout the fifteen minutes. The cats chase after the laser, which is a fun way for them to get some energy out. I recommend it for anyone who has frisky cats who need so much interaction/stimulation that it’s exhausting!

Napoleon and the New Toy

Thanks Rick and Em for this great gift!


1 thought on “The Cats’ New Toy”

  1. Napoleon is trying to act cool, I can tell and pretend he isn’t interested. But you know he’s thinking, “best toy evah!”

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