Finished: Favorite Things’ Nighty Night

Favorite Things' Nightgown

Why did I decide to finish sewing a skimpy nightgown in the middle of winter? Is it because I am thinking about warm spring and summer months ahead that must be coming soon? While I am not sure what compelled me to finally finish sewing up the Favorite Things nightie, I completed the project on Sunday.

I have been working on this project for some time. It’s not because it is time intensive, but it is because I bought fabric and a pattern for barely there pajamas at the end of September, not exactly sweating-under-the-sheets weather.  But I wanted to finish the project before I forgot about it.

Overall, I really like this nightgown. The pattern comes with instructions and pattern pieces for a shorter version of the nightgown and shorts, which I plan on making soon. I followed the directions and measured myself before cutting my fabric out. Not surprisingly, while I wear a 6/8 off the rack, I used the size 12 pattern pieces for this and the nightgown fits snugly. Always measure twice and cut once!

To read more about how this project came together, click to the jump.

Why I wanted to do this project: I went on a pajama pattern shopping spree in September, buying this Favorite Things pattern as well as the pattern for the pajama pants. I haven’t sewn many garments, so I figured pajamas were a good item to start with, considering not a lot of people see them!

How long it took me: Well . . . my time delay from September to January not included, I cut out the fabric and sewed the nighty together in about three hours. I should have read through the pattern a bit more thoroughly before I started sewing because then I would have remembered that elastic runs under the bust. I had to resew a few seams because I didn’t follow the directions closely enough!

Bumps in the process: Again, I was a little hasty when sewing this together and should have followed the instructions more closely. Like the pajama pants pattern from Favorite Things, the instructions are not very detailed and there are not a lot of illustrations, so it’s important to trust your gut and think each step over a few times before executing it.

What I learned: Just as I did when making the pajama pants, I recommend zig zagging all of the pieces of the nighty before sewing the pieces together. Also, pajamas are pretty easy to make and it is a good way to use pretty and feminine fabrics. This cool cotton nighty will be a life saver come 80-degree-plus weather in June!


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