Aunt Peg’s Crane Business

Aunt Peg's Cranes

My Aunt Peg is an amazing artist. She’s one of those people who can pretty much make whatever she wants and it turns out perfectly. Recently, she has gone into business selling beautiful origami paper crane ornaments. She gave me this one for Christmas.

More than fifteen years ago my aunt, my mom, and I started making paper crane ornaments and garlands. I am excited that Aunt Peg’s business is taking off and that these decorations are still popular! A few years ago I did some mass production of crane garlands and gave them away for Christmas. It is still exciting for me to see people hang them in their homes. It’s an easy way to give a door handle, curtain rod, or a chandelier some personality!

I have to give my aunt a lot of credit for her artistic eye though. Every crane that I’ve seen her make has a perfect combination of fun, funky paper and beautiful beads. Aunt Peg, get an Etsy shop please!


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