Yummy Veggie Recipes

I’ve been a little unproductive this week. It’s been difficult to go back to the 40-hour-a-week job and the exercise regimine. But, after my third day back at work, things seemed a little easier. I think I’ll be proud of myself on Friday evening for making it through a whole week!

Though I haven’t been creating or crafting, I have done a bit of cooking this week. In early December I started dieting and exercising and have tried to keep it up for the last month. While illness took me out of my game plan last week, I am back in my routine and eating healthy food again.

Just when I was ready to let my Vegetarian Times subscription expire (I had started thinking all of the recipes were recycled every six months), I cooked two outstanding recipes from the January issue: a sun-dried tomato soup and an Indian-inspired veggie pot pie. I can’t find the recipes online right now but pick up this month’s Times and enjoy!


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