Finished: Embellished Hand Towels

Embellished Hand Towels

At times in December, my craft room felt a little bit like a factory. Not only did I turn out several potholders, pillows, pajama pants, and other gifts that I haven’t posted about yet, I also decided to assemble embellished hand towels for friends and family. This project ended up being my most successful mass-produced project of the season, as the hand towels were easy to complete and fun to give.

I got the idea to make these hand towels after Steve and I bought several high-quality bars of soap at a local bath products store in November. Wanting to add something to that gift and knowing how many of my family members and friends are in new apartments and homes, I decided a customized, colorful towel would be a useful gift.

The Sock Monkey Hand Towel

It was fun to think about the fabrics that would be most loved by the recipients of these towels. I chose many beautiful fabrics, but then I had fun using sock monkey fabric for my brother’s gift. He and his girlfriend love fun decor, so I thought it would be a good match for them.

Click below to read more about assembling these fun hand towels.

Abe Checking Out the Gifts

Embellished hand towels are easy to assemble and require very little fabric. To make mine, I bought colorful towels at Target and used only a three-inch tall by about nineteen-inch wide piece of fabric.

To prepare the fabric for sewing, press down a quarter inch of the fabric on each side. Then, pin the fabric over the band of the hand towel and topstitch. I would recommend using a matching thread.

All in all, an embellished hand towel takes about fifteen minutes to a half hour to make. It can be used to customize the powder room for different seasons or for a housewarming gift.


2 thoughts on “Finished: Embellished Hand Towels”

  1. Do you have any guidance to offer on what types of fabric are (or are not) suitable for this project? How do I know a given fabric won’t shrink horribly, or wrinkle up and refuse to lie flat, after the first trip through the wash?

  2. I would buy a nice cotton fabric and pre-wash it. I always pre-wash my fabric before sewing so my projects don’t get wonky if washed once complete.

    Good luck!

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