Finished: One-Yard Wonders’ Potholders

Potholders for Our Friends in the Finger Lakes' Wine Country

Here’s one of the many handmade gifts I made this holiday season. In fact, I made six sets of these potholders. The pattern is from One-Yard Wonders, a favorite new sewing book.

Potholders for My Spicy and Flavorful Dad

What attracted me to this project is the unisex nature of potholders. Between Steve and me, we have four younger brothers and my world is dominated by all things male. Therefore, this Christmas I needed to find a handmade gift that could be enjoyed by both sexes.

Kitschy Bear Potholders for the Bro
Kitschy Grizzly Bear Potholders for the Bro

It was great fun to pick out fabrics for these potholders. I mostly chose kitchen-themed fabrics, but I did account for my brother’s mountain-man life in Montana when selecting the fabric for him and went with grizzly bear fabric, kitsching it up with some polka dots.

Click to read more about how these came together.

Vintage-Inspired Potholders for My Aunt and Uncle

Why I wanted to do this project: Again, potholders are a great gift for people of all ages. Potholders are relatively simple to put together and can be used on a daily basis, making them a sensible and thoughtful present at the holidays. Also, it helps that there are so many fun kitchen fabrics out there.

How long it took me: Each potholder took about one and half or two hours by the time the fabric cutting, batting cutting, quilting, sewing together, and binding is accounted for. I made an oven mitt and a simple square potholder for each set.

Summery Potholders for My Brother-in-Law and Mother-in-Law

Bumps in the process: These were easy!

What I learned: The quilting process uses a lot of thread so make sure you pick out a new spool with a color that coordinates with the fabric.


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