Finished: Emily’s Lux Pillows and Amy Butler’s Hourglass Pillow

Since last weekend marked our first family gathering of the holiday season, I can finally display some of my projects that were made for gifts. First up: pillows for my brother-in-law’s longtime girlfriend Emily.

Amy Butler's Hourglass Pillow Made With Love Fabrics

This was an easy gift to make considering I received a bag full of luxurious designer fabrics from Emily a few months ago. The fabrics, a luscious navy velvet and a pretty purple/metallic fabric, coordinated so well with Amy Butler’s new Love collection that I had to make her a third pillow from my favorite fabrics in the line.

Emily's Lux Pillows

I used three different approaches for the pillows. For the velvet one I cut the fabric into narrow strips and sewed them together to give a slight design to the front of the pillow. For the purple/metallic pillow I let the fabric stand alone. And finally, I used Amy Butler’s Hourglass Pillow pattern (available for free on her website) for the third pillow. I had to modify the pattern a bit for my 14 x 14 inch pillow form, but everything worked out well, including the pattern’s instruction for custom buttons.

All in all, these pillows took an evening’s worth of college football games to sew together. I hope Emily can enjoy them in her chic New York apartment in the near future.


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