The Year Without Baking

I made an uncharacteristic decision this year. No holiday baking.

I am always the cookie wife for my husband’s work, the homemade baking maven, the daughter who keeps up old traditions. But this year, with a determined attitude to diet and an explosion of fabric and thread that need to become gifts, I made the decision not to trudge to the store to buy pounds of flour, sugar, and butter; mix together my ingredients; and bake like crazy.

While it’s a Christmas tradition I miss, I am very happy I made the decision. I have now lost seven pounds (in December, no less!) and am having difficulty finishing all of my handmade gifts in the craft room (for the moment better known as Santa’s workshop).


I am glad Christmas is only a week and a half away! We begin our family gatherings this weekend at my husband’s mother’s house and will have a great time with family. Steve and I decided to open our presents on the 23rd this year and will travel to Boise on Christmas Eve. I absolutely cannot wait to get home!


While I am excited about Christmas and all that it will bring, I can’t help but look forward to January’s big project: a craft room/office makeover! Three years ago we painted what was once a little girl’s bedroom from pink to lavender. While purple is my favorite color, I have gotten to the point where I can’t stand to be in my creative space any longer because it is too dreary. I once remember reading that lavender rooms were traditionally in funeral homes . . . now I am finding out why!

Take a look at the current room. I think it needs a bright color, some fun shelves, and better storage. Right now I am thinking an orange paint on the walls (think cantaloupe) with red and yellow accents. That should give it a more vibrant feeling, don’t you think?


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