Projects from Christmases’ Past

I’ve been a little too busy this week. Between work; hitting the gym; shopping, wrapping, and mailing gifts; and writing Christmas cards, I took a second sewing class this week. I think it was one too many. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy it, but I was so tired and frazzled that I didn’t give it my all. Oh well, I learned a fair amount and will detail my new skills soon!

Rather than contribute a new project today, I thought I’d highlight a few projects from Christmases’ past.

Steve's Snowman Stocking

I made this first project back in 2004, when Steve and I moved in together. Steve’s crazy about Christmas, and I wanted to make him a stocking that reflected his enthusiasm. Although this was a kit, it was a big project, with lots of sequin detail, embroidery, and stuffing. At the time that I made this I didn’t really have a good craft stash, so I stuffed the stocking with cotton balls and lined it with an old t-shirt. When we’re pulling this out in twenty years, that will still put a smile on my face because I’ll remember our big move.

Three-dimensional Christmas Ornaments

This second project I showcased last year on the blog. I love to recycle old Christmas cards and paper, so this ornament project can be green! The idea for these ornaments came from one of Martha Stewart’s special Christmas issues from a few years back, and I still adore these cute balls on the tree. They are a little delicate, but so easy to make that you could create new ones every year!


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