Christmas Miscellany

The "White Christmas" Poster

Have you ever seen “White Christmas”? I don’t think I had ever watched it before this weekend. Here’s my brief review: the movie is more than sixty years old, but is very entertaining and a good escape from holiday stress. There are some seriously crazy dance numbers and the plot’s simplicity and predictability makes it a fun Christmas movie. 

I am proud of myself this year: I am making a point to watch as many Christmas movies as I can. So far, “White Christmas” is the third holiday movie I have watched this month–much better than in year’s past.

Other news: Many of our gifts have been packed and shipped to their final destinations. Can’t wait for the opening of them! It was such a pleasure, as always, to make and purchase gifts for my favorite people.

Countdown to celebrating: We have two Christmas parties this weekend and I am leaving for Boise in nearly two weeks. So psyched for the holiday festivities to begin!


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