Rewind: Last Year’s Stocking Advent Calendar

Happy December everyone! After a whirlwind November that included a trip to Montreal and a week of hosting family for Thanksgiving, we turn the calendar page to the last month of the year.

Stocking Advent Calendar 2008

To kick off this festive month, I wanted to showcase the advent calendar I made last year for our house. Unlike the advent calendar I created for my brother this year that I made with beautiful Heather Bailey felt, I used only materials on hand at the time to create ours.

Despite the fact that Steve and I are in our twenties, this fun decoration makes the whole month of December a little more fun. It’s exciting to have a little present every other day to open.

Other distractions:

  • Yesterday, in an attempt to find some holiday wear without spending money, I scavenged my jewelry boxes and couldn’t believe it when I found the Tiffany heart necklace Steve gave me for our first anniversary together. I thought I had lost it several years ago and am absolutely delighted it reappeared.
  • I joined a new gym yesterday. It’s time to reign in the eating and start working up a sweat a few times a week. My current gym membership has not been motivating me, so hopefully this new place will do the trick!
  • Steve and I have some busy weekends this month. We just planned a last-minute trip to DC in two weeks and will be going to Boise and New York City at the end of December. What a busy time of year.

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