Hosting the Holidays: Cheap (But Impressive!) Meals

While it’s fun to host overnight guests, it can be an expensive endeavor. If you are like me, you want to roll out the red carpet for your guests without breaking the bank.

Recently, I have come up with some budget-friendly recipes that are standouts when entertaining:

  • The first is a good dinner entrée. It’s Dave Liberman’s Pink Vodka Sauce and Penne. This is an easy dish to prepare with company sitting in the kitchen, since it requires minimal ingredients and is only a few steps. In my opinion, vodka sauce is a huge treat (with the heavy cream it’s not an everyday meal) and a memorable dish (the vodka adds a zing to the ubiquitous tomato sauce). As a bonus, pasta is a cheap food and satisfying to the masses. I usually pair this dish with a nice green salad and wine. I recommend making enough for eight servings so you can enjoy it again as leftovers. I have eaten this well into the week after a weekend of entertaining.
  • My other “go-to” meal is challah french toast for breakfast. Again, this is not low in calories, but it is an indulgence worthy of good company. I buy challah at our local bakery and prepare it as I would regular french toast. Then I set out fun condiments like Nutella and cinnamon sugar to dress it up. It’s rich and satisfying, yet easy and affordable. Serve with a side of fruit and no one will be complaining!

No matter who you are entertaining, these easy and affordable recipes are a must-try. They will satisfy your guests and you will still have money in your pocket at the end of the visit. Plus, they are easy enough to execute, which will leave you with more time to socialize with your visitors!


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