In Less Than a Week . . .

. . . I’ll be hosting the whole family! That’s right, I convinced my entire West-Coast-based immediate family to get themselves over here to celebrate Thanksgiving. I couldn’t be more excited for the week to come.

In preparation for the big visit, I began working on my Thanksgiving menu this weekend. My approach this year is to do simple, classic dishes really well. There will be no chutneys, crazy mashed potatoes, or homemade breads. Instead, I will focus my time on enjoying everyone and fix food that will satisfy. I plan to do a nice main veggie dish for myself, my brother, and his girlfriend, as we are all vegetarians, but I won’t be putting a Tofurkey on the table.

My table decor will complement my simple approach to the meal. I found some fun fall accessories at Pier 1 this weekend. Though I would love to channel my inner Martha Stewart for the festivities, making a laborious craft project as a centerpiece isn’t going to happen this year.


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