Finished: Favorite Things’ Sleep Well Pajama Pants

Favorite Things Pajama Pants

After a super-fun weekend with my good friend Emily, I am excited to write and show off my new pajama pants. After purchasing this fun  “Gothic Flower” fabric from Patty Young’s Mezzanine line made by Michael Miller Fabrics last month, I finally got around to stitching it up using Favorite Things’ “Sleep Well” pajama pattern.

My friend and I each made a pair of the pj bottoms, which we promptly lounged in all weekend.

Click to read more about how they came together.Why I wanted to do this project: I was excited to try pajamas since I do not sew a lot of clothing items. I figured pjs were a safe venture. Also, there are so many cute fabrics and this is a good way to use a favorite print.

How long it took me: Between cutting out the pattern and fabric and sewing the pieces together, I would estimate this project took two hours total. We added a step of zig-zagging the individual pieces prior to sewing, which may have added some time.

Bumps in the process: A few things about the pattern. As I mentioned above, we zig-zag stitched the sides of each of the four pieces prior to sewing them together to avoid future fraying. Also, the pattern does not instruct you to cut out mirror image pieces of the front and back of the pattern, so make sure to fold the fabric lengthwise to cut two pieces at the same time for the front and back. Also, the pajamas run pretty baggy, so I think a medium would fit a lot of different sizes, so I wouldn’t get too hung up on sizing.

What I learned: Pajamas are a pretty easy project and great for filling up a mental health day! Emily and I had a great time stitching our projects together without a lot of aggravation. I would give this project a try!


1 thought on “Finished: Favorite Things’ Sleep Well Pajama Pants”

  1. Wow, these are really cute…I liked the picture of you an d Em modeling them, too! You are such a whirlwind!

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