Finished: Fall Leaves Garland

Fall Leaves Garland
Fall Leaves Garland

A few weeks ago, I mentioned my love of the colors of fall leaves and that I planned to construct a fall leaf garland based on an example on Ohdeedoh. I finished the project this weekend and am very delighted with the final product. It will be nice to have on display through Thanksgiving.

To learn more about how I made this project, click below.

To construct the fall leaves garland, I used Heather Bailey’s designer felt in five fall colors, a fabric pen, and a long ribbon. For the leaves, I used patterns on Martha Stewart’s website and resized them using Photoshop Elements. I stuck with three leaf patterns (maple, oak, and eastern redbud).

I cut the leaves out of the felt and drew the veins of the leaves with a fabric pen. I considered embroidery, but the pen worked well and was much faster.

To attach the leaves on the ribbon, I cut a small slit in the top of each leaf, strung it on the ribbon, and knotted the leaf and ribbon together to keep it in place.

This is a fun and inexpensive decoration to make and enjoy even after the beautiful leaves have fallen off the trees.


4 thoughts on “Finished: Fall Leaves Garland”

  1. Nat, I have never really been on anyone’s blog and I went on yours cause your Mom gave me the address. It is so fun…. and I do appreciate your putting my “stuff” on. You are so cute. I wish I knew you better and maybe I will by reading your blog!!! I had this fantasy that my children would be close to their cousins but I didn’t make it happen…. who knows why. I am happy your are happy. Your Mom means the world to me. She has always been someone who is grounded and full of sound advice. Anyhow, you sound like you are one together gal and I am happy for you. If Stephanie ever goes to Philly for business I hope she will look you up. We did have a good time in Yellowstone National Park the year we vacationed together. Take care, Dear Heart….. Love, Cousine Sylvia

  2. Sylvia,

    Thanks for your nice message! I would love to see any of you in Philly if you ever get back here. While you’ve never been in the blogosphere, I admire your venture on etsy, something I still haven’t done! Keep up the business! Your prints are very beautiful!

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