Fall Foliage

I had the good fortune to spend four years in Ithaca, New York, as a college student and savor the beautiful fall foliage of the Northeast United States.  As a lover of fall, I felt that I had finally made it when I arrived in Ithaca for my first semester. I had a view high atop South Hill, where I could see gold, red, orange, and brown leaves for miles lining Cayuga Lake.

My Fall Leaves (From Felt)
My Fall Leaves (From Felt)

Now that I’ve been in Pennsylvania for some time, the leaves are still beautiful but do not have the magic of the leaves in Upstate New York.

Thinking of the changing colors of fall, I decided to do a craft project that helps me remember my days in Ithaca. I am making a fall leaf banner, thanks to an idea on Ohdeedoh posted a few years back. I even used the template linked on the post to Martha Stewart’s leaves.

I am excited to use my Heather Bailey felt. I’ll post more pics of the finished garland in the coming weeks.


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