Heather Bailey Felt

I am excited to share photos of the Heather Bailey felt I received in the mail yesterday. She debuted the product line in September, and it features rich colors of felt that no mass-produced felt sold at a chain craft store could compete with. When I saw the felt in Heather’s newsletter last month, I went into overdrive thinking of felt projects.

My Heather Bailey Felt Is Here!
My Heather Bailey Felt Is Here!

Low and behold, I had an idea for a project (which I can’t disclose here since I’ll be making it for a family member/friend). I started the project last night and look forward to working on it throughout the coming weeks. I also bought some fall colors in hopes that I could construct a fun decoration for Thanksgiving, since my whole family will be visiting and it could contribute to our festive mood. Anyway, we’ll see . . .

All Rolled Up
All Rolled Up

Here are the pics of the beautiful felts. I ordered lots of colors: Blueberry, Cherry Pie, Dark Chocolate, Fairy Pool, Ginger Root, Marigold, Mustard Seed, Peacock, Pumpkin Pie, Strawberry, Smooch, and Winter Sage.

Some of My Colors
Some of My Colors

I’ll be sure to display the finished projects featuring these lovely felts and I look forward to ordering more!


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