Sew & Stow & Other Happenings

The Inside of My Supply Case
The Inside of My Supply Case

In addition to my Halloween Table Runner, I finished another project this weekend: a supply case for all my sewing essentials. I am preparing to travel frequently in the coming months, so it is important that I have the proper travel accessories to bring my crafty projects along. I saw this cute and practical supply case on One Pretty Thing, who found it via The easy, step-by-step pattern can be found here.

The Supply Case All Rolled Up!
The Supply Case All Rolled Up!

In other happenings, I have several new projects underway and have a few busy weeks ahead of me:

  • I can’t wait for my Heather Bailey felt to get here so I can start a few fun and festive projects;
  • I have gone a little yarn crazy and am knitting scarves like there is no tomorrow;
  • I am leaving for Frankfurt for a week on Monday;
  • my birthday is two weeks away from today;
  • I am seeing my BFF in three weeks!

Also, there have been a lot of not-so-nice things going on, so please keep Emily & her broken foot, Sharon & her mom, and all those unemployed who are looking for work in your thoughts. But on a cheerful note, congrats to our friends Sam & Charissa who told us they are expecting. Lots of excitement for them!


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