Finished: Amy Butler Kimono

Amy Butler August Fields Kimono
Amy Butler August Fields Kimono

After a really nice weekend with my mom in town, I am excited to post the finished Amy Butler Kimono. I sewed one of these for myself last winter, but I hadn’t started my “finished” series on the blog yet. So I’ll write about this as if it were my first attempt.

This project has been on my plate for some time. When in Minneapolis for Memorial Day weekend this year, my mom and I purchased materials at Crafty Planet to make a project for one another. My mom wanted me to make the Amy Butler Kimono because she had seen a picture of mine and I think dreamed of lounging in a fashionable, yet comfortable, outfit. I was nervous when she picked out a fabric from the Amy Butler August Fields collection since it is home-dec weight, but I managed to put the project together with few problems. Plus, the home-dec fabric will be good for winter.

When I made my kimono in winter, I shortened it a lot after reading several blogs that complained about the finished length of the kimono. However, knowing my mom is much taller than me, I decided to follow the measurements as given. I was also excited to custom-tailor the sleeves for her because she has long arms.

Overall, I think she is very pleased with the finished product. However, she still has to finish her end of the bargain. Mom, I am waiting for those fingerless gloves!

Click to read more about the project.Why I wanted to do this project: My mom asked me to make her a kimono for lounging around the house. We agreed to a project swap while vacationing. She picked out the August Fields fabric and I took it home to construct.

How long it took me: I knew I wouldn’t see mom for four months, so I have been working on it (albeit very slowly) since then. I would imagine the entire project took me six hours.

Bumps in the process: I don’t like to cut out large pieces of fabric and cut corners whenever possible. Therefore, I had to cut a few pieces twice. However, because I was using Amy’s home dec fabric, I had extra width (her home-dec weight fabrics are 54 inches), so I got lucky and didn’t have to make another trip to the fabric store.

What I learned: Amy’s projects always turn out and there’s nothing like making gorgeous lounge wear! I am going to try my hand at some more garments and plan to stick to this type of clothing for a while. Since you don’t leave the house in it, no one can spot the flaws!


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