Finished: Amy Butler Sleeping Mask

We’ve got a bit of an Indian summer tonight, so I decided to sit down at my sewing table and whip out an Amy Butler Sleeping Mask. I have been eying up this up for some time and this was the perfect night to work on the project.

Amy Butler Sleeping Mask
Amy Butler Sleeping Mask

I love the fabric on the mask, although I don’t know whose pattern it is since I bought an unmarked fat quarter. Nonetheless, I can’t wait to start using it for upcoming travel!

Click to read more about what I learned when sewing this project.Why I wanted to do this project: It’s Thursday night and the weather is hot and humid. I needed a project to get my mind off of things so I opted for this self-contained small project. Also, I am traveling to Frankfurt in a few weeks and thought it might come in handy in case I want to nap on the flight.

How long it took me: An hour from start to finish.

Bumps in the process: This was pretty straightforward. The next time I make this, however, I plan to use only two layers of batting, since I don’t think it needs to be as thick as in the pattern.

What I learned: Small projects do get your mind off of things! It was nice to have a cute, girly project started and finished in a one-hour period. Maybe it’ll be a future gift item!


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