I Now Pronounce You . . .

September Wedding in D.C.
September Wedding in D.C.

Steve and I wrapped up our 2009 wedding season. We attended three weddings this summer, all of which were beautiful. It is so fun to have been through the process and attend weddings because I try to make sure to pay special attention to all of the details each bride, groom, and their friends/family considered to make the wedding day special.

June Wedding in Jersey
June Wedding in Jersey

It’s fun to note the trends at the weddings we attended. All brides went with very similar formats and matched my wedding (which happened all of the way back in 2005!). There must be some generational trends as well as regional trends (all weddings were on the East Coast in Jersey, Pennsylvania, and D.C.).

August Wedding in Pennsylvania
August Wedding in Pennsylvania

All three of the weddings had a formal sit-down dinner, a DJ, and a father-daughter dance. None of the brides tossed her bouquet or had a garter (thank goodness!). Every couple had a fairly simple buttercream-frosted cake.

While I enjoyed the final party of the season, I am excited that we’ve wrapped up our official summer activities and turn to the fall. I am busy finishing some projects before my mom arrives in a few weeks and it’s time to get the spooky decorations out . . . I don’t want to miss the boat on a couple of my projects.


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