Top Five Fall Distractions

When reading my blog, it might appear that the only distractions in my life are sewing related. However, that is not so, especially now that I am not a part-time graduate student. There are a lot of things that keep me busy, and here’s a list of what keeps me occupied in the fall (0ther than sewing projects):

  1. Watching “Mad Men.” I love everything about this show and look forward to watching it every week. Not only is the style fabulous (and the drinking astounding), but I love the plot lines and sometimes find my jaw dropping when thinking about how many things have changed since the 1960s. Thank goodness!
  2. Reading. I like to read at least one book a month and now that graduate school is over, I am trying to read more classics. I am currently midway through Catch 22.
  3. Cheering for my favorite teams. I love football and baseball. Therefore, this time of year is amazing because I get to watch the BSU Broncos, Philadelphia Eagles, and Philadelphia Phillies all of the time. Maybe we’ll get a BCS title, Super Bowl, and another World Series this year!
  4. Drinking awesome fall beer. My favorite is the Post Road Pumpkin Ale, but I am willing to try anything that’s fall-y!
  5. Cooking. Now that there are games to find food for and the weather is getting cooler, I love to cook. I have always been a soup fan and am looking forward to trying out several new recipes this season.

So there are some of my distractions. Now who has time for work and obligations?


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