Yo-Yo Pillow, Round 2

Black, White, and Yellow Yo-Yo Pillow
Black, White, and Yellow Yo-Yo Pillow

My latest project is not one worth going into a lot of discussion about. I duplicated the design from the Mid Mod Yo-Yo Pillow but changed the dimensions a bit to make it more long and lean.  The Black, White, and Yellow Yo-Yo Pillow is made using fabrics from Alice Kennedy’s Taxi line from Timeless Treasures. I like the look of this pillow and keep enjoying this project. I’ll probably fit in a few more of these pillows before I try my hand at something else.

Unfortunately, this project isn’t quite done. Since I did not use a pillow form for this one, the poly-fill is creeping out of the fabric, which doesn’t look so great on the black fabric. So I plan to undo the binding, take out the stuffing, create a custom pillow form, and fill it back up. I am not too mad about having to go back to do this since it’s a learning experience, but I think I’ll stick with pillow forms in the future.

In other happenings, I bought Photoshop Elements this weekend, which is a fun new distraction for me. As you can see, I’ve already gone a little graphics crazy on the blog and am sort of obsessed with perfecting the art of a cutout on Photoshop. Therefore, get used to some white backgrounds complementing my projects for some time into the future. Yay for obsessive computer things (like blogs).


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