Not Bad, Eh?


I forgot to write about the great closet clean out of 2009 that occurred last Saturday. It’s a little embarrassing to show our messy closet pics, so I’ll just show an “after” pic.

We ended up giving away three bags of clothes, recycled a ton of electronics, and reorganized all of our suitcases and holiday decorations. It was good to force ourselves to pare down, especially considering that we do not have a basement, attic, or garage. In addition, it’s a good reminder that “stuff” is not that important. Steve and I will be more careful in future purchases now that the closets are so slimmed down. Believe me, we really do not want to fill them up anytime soon!

It also helped me prioritize important purchases for fall, such as what I actually need for work outfits and play clothes. It reminded me that we need to keep track of all that we have so we don’t buy and rebuy stuff we already own!

In other news, I am planning a busy Labor Day weekend of sewing! While Steve’s busy at work, I’ll be finishing some pillows and working on my mom’s kimono. Working for the weekend!


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