Still Enjoying Summer's Bounty
Still Enjoying Summer's Bounty

Today felt like back-to-school weather. The air was crisp, the sky was a beautiful blue, and my husband was nowhere to be found at 8 pm on a Monday, which means football season is upon us!

While I may be the biggest sports’ fan in the house, Steve’s much more involved in the entire sports machine. He’s been working in football television for five years now and every year he forgets how much work is really involved in his day-to-day job from September through February. No matter how many times I remind him that there’s no way we can schedule anything for Labor Day weekend, he doesn’t remember the hectic schedule until the first full week on the job. It’s looking like this is going to be that week!

While I miss Steve around the house in the fall, I have to say I am excited for his return to a full-intensity work schedule. Not only is he happier, but I enjoy some quiet nights by myself. I will manage to keep myself busy with a few structured activities, but I am looking forward to embracing this relaxed time of my life.

It won’t be too long before my busy schedule sets in as well. I am set to travel to Frankfurt again this year as well as Montreal in November. The year will close with lots of family festivities at the holidays, which I am really looking forward to.

Now all I have to get through is jury duty tomorrow and a few crazy weeks before we get used to Steve’s new schedule and it will be fall!


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