Summer Syllabus

Though there are two weeks until Labor Day, I woke up this morning and decided that summer has wound down. I am not talking about the season, as I am still excited for warm weather, but more the mentality. Steve and I have had a wonderful, jam-packed summer full of amazing activities and I have finished some solid projects. But now, as I wrote yesterday, is more of a time to refocus for a new season.

While I am now finished with school, I still work best when I have a syllabus, and one of the reasons I know that it’s time to think fall is that I have almost finished my summer syllabus, which I wrote back in May and that has been hanging on my bulletin board for several months.

To me, a syllabus is more than a project list. It’s more a way to chart a structured lifestyle in a small, achievable way. On my seasonal chart, I think about my lifestyle and what I want to accomplish, both in ways of projects and fun.

Last night I finished a project on the syllabus that I have been working on for a long time.

Crochet Fall Bag
Crochet Fall Bag

I’ve been working on this bag since March (I began it on our Vermont trip), and I found the pattern in crochet today! (in the mag it was called the Sunny Shoulder Bag). Though I am not sure how much I’ll use it since it’s a little flimsy and too hippie for work, it was a great learning project, as I had not followed such an extensive crochet pattern before.

To read about my summer syllabus, click below.

Here’s the summer list I have nearly completed (as written on my list):

  • Finish color wheel quilt
  • Napkins/lunch bag
  • Sushi wallet
  • Crocheted fall bag
  • Garden/annuals
  • Walk
  • Sign up for fall class
  • Relax
  • Phillies games
  • BBQ
  • Take pictures

If I were to get professorial on this syllabus and write an objective for this summer, I guess it would go like this:

In this season, you will refine your quilting, sewing, and felting skills and maximize your social potential to understand the joys of being a twenty-something woman.

Now on to the next one!


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