Lots to Do

My guests left this morning after a fabulous Girls Weekend. Although we had big intentions of driving to the beach, Hurricane Bill got in the way of those plans, so we spent the weekend shopping, eating, and drinking. It was so fun to be surrounded by the strong independent women who were integral parts of my college years.

I had a successful run as host of the weekend. I made a homemade vodka sauce for the first time, served my icebox dessert, and allowed Steve to cook challah french toast. While he was out of the house most of the weekend, I didn’t mind him stepping in for breakfast preparation.

Now that I am left to an empty house, I realize that my amazingly full and fun summer is winding down. For the next few weekends, Steve and I will be home, and I feel like there are so many little things we need to do. For one, every closet in my house needs to be organized. When I was cleaning this weekend and throwing tons of miscellaneous items into close-by closets, I realized we really need to pare down our stuff.

In addition to some summer cleaning, I hope to really start working away at some projects. So far, I have the following on my mind:

  • an Amy Butler kimono for my mom;
  • quilted pillows for a friend and my house;
  • birthday presents galore;
  • a window vallance;
  • finishing my fall bag.

I am excited to have the rest of today to begin these projects and hope to post some completed ones soon.


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