Girls Weekend and Summer Blahs

I am very excited because my college roommates are heading into town and we are going to enjoy Girls Weekend together. I’ve got all of the menus and activities planned and can’t wait to enjoy some girly chitter chatter for a few days (I can’t believe I haven’t seen some of them in years!). My first guest arrives tomorrow night, so I have to get busy cleaning the house.

Girls Weekend officially kicks off the next stint of “Hotel Silver” and I have taken a lot of steps to get the house ready for lots of company over the next few months. We’ve updated the living room decor (the kitchen remodel was making the living room look too shabby) and I have spruced up other areas of the house to make it feel welcoming.

Changing topics, despite the exciting weekend ahead, I have hit the summer blahs this week, possibly because I am no longer looking forward to a vacation or because the really humid weather has crept in here. Despite my fowl mood, I am hoping to begin planning fall’s activities soon so I can get back to my peppy self again! I am looking through catalogs of fall classes, pondering a new exercise regimen, and gazing at my fabric stash. Once football starts I’ve got to be back to my old self!


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