Fruit Love

The Colors of the Season
The Colors of the Season

August is a great month for produce. Steve and I are in heaven chomping down sweet, ripe peaches, plums, raspberries, and blueberries. We’re so excited about them that we overloaded our fridge with produce this week (not that I am complaining).

Steve isn’t much of a fruit smoothie person and I did not want to turn the oven on for long (we are finally inundated with humidity) but I wanted to do something fun with all of our bounty. So I made this fruit pizza. Although I had to bake the sugar cookie crust, the oven was only on for about twenty minutes. The pizza was absolutely delicious! Sugar cookie crust, cream cheese/sugar/vanilla sauce, and fruit as the topping. Plus I am in love with how pretty it looks!

My Beautiful Fruit Pizza!
My Beautiful Fruit Pizza!

Expect lots of posts this week. I am close to wrapping up the color wheel quilt at any moment, I have finished my crocheted fall bag (sewing the lining in right now), and will have quilted the Amy table runner I discussed. Now that grad school is over, I’ve got to keep busy!

One final note . . . congrats to my bro-in-law at Can I Get a Sample. He was mentioned on this Time blog today.


2 thoughts on “Fruit Love”

  1. I agree about this wonderfully fruity season!
    What a beautiful pizza –
    I’ve been making fruit cobblers – first one was cherry (sour ones from my own tree)
    night before last we had a blueberry with peaches and apricots – a big hit especially with the vanilla ice cream!

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