Colorfully Optimistic

I haven’t had the best week, if only because my week-long vacation is still two and a half weeks away and I am in desperate need of some adventure and perspective. However, before I leave for vacation, I am hoping to wrap up my color wheel quilt, which has been in the works since April.

I finished piecing the quilt on Sunday and sewed the backing today (I am still not sure what I think about it, so I am going to sleep on it and resume the project tomorrow). I hope to begin quilting Friday and (maybe?) finish by the end of the weekend. It’s good to be optimistic about something, right?

I am very happy with this project because it’s the first quilt project where I am going about the process in the traditional sense (measuring and cutting carefully, quilting [vs. tying] and binding). Once I have this baby under my belt I’ll feel very accomplished.


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