Stash and Dash Therapy

Amy Butler's Stash and Dash Bag (Using Joel Dewberry Fabric)
Amy Butler's Stash and Dash Bag (Using Joel Dewberry Fabric)

I’ve been a little strung out this week. I think I am letting the stress of the world rest on my shoulders.

I realized one of my biggest problems was the fact that I put down my projects a few weeks ago to focus on studying for my comprehensive exam. I now realize that was a mistake, as tactile projects are what keep me sane! I really think all of those trips to the fabric store are cheaper than a therapist and I get to produce beautiful things in the process. (I’ll make sure to remind this fact to Steve the next time I run up my fabric tab.)

To put my mind at ease last night, I decided to make myself an Amy Butler Stash and Dash bag. I’ve had lipsticks rolling around in the bottom of my purse for a long time and never thought to myself to make a Stash and Dash for myself, in spite of the many I have produced for others. So, in a couple of hours, I whipped this one together and, I have to say, the process made me feel much better.

Now I just have to enjoy this three-day holiday weekend and recalibrate! I can’t be a total psycho and expect to pass my exam!

Polka-Dot Lining!
Polka-Dot Lining!

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