Officially Officialled Out

Despite the “summer” label that we’ve officially accepted  on the calendar, it’s not feeling like summer. I find myself strung to “official” commitments coming up, and it’s making me a little crazy! I’ve been called in for federal jury duty next week, which requires at least two days of my time, and I’ve been flitting around trying to get all of my official paperwork in for my graduate program’s comprehensive exam and my subsequent graduation . And with my comp exam date fast approaching, I’ve got to get down to business and study.

I hate to sound so cranky, and there are some really fun things coming up too. First, we’ve got a fantastic wedding this Friday, and I am super excited about the Fourth of July fireworks. I love the Fourth and look forward to it every year. I’ll make sure to post some happy posts on these exciting events in spite of my summer drudgery.

I have the color wheel quilt, patchwork table runners, and other projects taunting me as well! But I’ve promised myself that I will not dive into fun  stuff until after July 10.


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